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Student Applications and Development works with department and school personnel to provide technology tools that streamline business processes.

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  1. School website questions
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  3. Team website questions
  4. Intranet website questions

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The vision for the Student Applications and Web Development is to provide user friendly software for managing student academic growth with accurate timely records. These applications will provide Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools with the tools to create, maintain and report on student data in an efficient and convenient manner. Our goal is to improve the quality of the academic experience for students and staff.

PowerSchool will be the single, integrated, authoritative source for student-related data for all schools along with the Microsoft suite of software products used for storage and reporting.

Our vision is to create an environment that:

  • Eliminates the reliance on manual calculations, labor intensive reporting, and assistance with understanding the data.
  • Exports all student data to downstream vendors and departmental applications while performing data valadation quality standards.
  • Enables a stable, reliable and convenient registration, attendance, and academic environment
  • Provides timely (real time), convenient (24/7) and agile data warehouse designs for all technical applications.
  • Provides support with Service Desk associates who can provide answers, assist with school staff training, and submit online user documentation
  • Is supportive to managing and maintaining changes to academic and/or regulatory policies
  • Improves communication by sharing consistent information across functional areas of CMS
  • Integrates all work to align with Strategic Plan 2018 and school board policies
  • Enables users to make data driven decisions on student growth that results in academic advancement for all children